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WPForms Surveys and Polls Addon


WPForms is one of the most successful extensions for the WordPress questionnaire. Users may construct dynamic questionnaires and forums for their WordPress website using the WPForms drag-and-drop form builder.

WPForms allows the construction of stunning, complicated drag and down surveys without spending monthly membership costs versus any other WordPress survey Add-on that has no adequate analysis and management.

Let us know a couple of essential WPForms information.

What is Survey and Polls Addon For WPForms?

WPForms’ Surveys & Polls plugin allows users to build questionnaire forms on their WordPress sites in a matter of seconds. A questionnaire or polling on their Word Press page may be activated or carried out promptly. Furthermore, data acquired via questions and assessments may be analyzed using dynamic summaries.

How to Install and Use the Surveys and Polls Addon?

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to install and set up the Survey and Polls addon for WPForms.

1. Creating a Survey or Polls Forms

Firstly, download the WPForms plugin. You’ll be able to easily install the application the Surveys & Polls Addon after your license gets validated.




Survey and poll capabilities may be implemented on any current or future page when the Add-on is downloaded and configured. Two templates get included in the Add-on: Survey Form and Poll Form.

The Survey Form framework has numerous areas by design where consumers may provide comments. One may, nevertheless, insert, modify, or eliminate whatever elements they wish.

2. Enabling Survey Reporting

Survey Reporting and Poll Results are the two forms of reporting offered. Poll Results may be uploaded to your blog for your viewers to observe, whereas Survey Reporting collects ground outcome information that appears in the WordPress admin.




You may activate Survey Reporting, Poll Results, or both on your page. Enabling questionnaire capability for the whole application is the quickest method to implement it. You might not have to assess conclusions elements in some formats. You may alternatively activate poll capability for specific fields in your form for greater customization.




These are the field types for which Survey Results is Calculated-

  • Single Line Text
  • Paragraph Text
  • Dropdown
  • Checkboxes
  • Multiple Choice
  • Rating
  • Likert Scale
  • Net Promoter Score

3. Enabling Poll Results

The survey shows all the data collected for a field or many fields in your form. Both survey reporting and poll results can be made available in the same way. The easiest solution is to show poll data in the confirmatory message of your form.




You may enable poll results across the board to quickly and show poll results for your users. The results for all drop-down, check-boxes, and multiple-choice fields get computed automatically. The results of those fields are displayed in the user’s confirmation message once the form is submitted.




You may use shortcode instead of activating poll within the confirmation message of your form for customizable poll display choices. You do not need polling results in your form for this option.

4. Generating Survey Reports

When poll monitoring for a form is activated, comparing results for any relevant fields may be viewed. You will see a graph and a table of results for either of these field types. For this field, you may select the type of graph in the top right corner.




The percentage of electors for each choice and the percentage of people who choose each choice may be displayed within the table. The form summaries will be shown by default in the sequence in which each choice is given.

Yet, by selecting any of the main selections in the list, you may modify the sort order. A poll about a Net Promoter Score invites people to reply on a range of 0-10. Also, your net promoter score is computed separately by WPForms.


5. Saving and Printing Survey Reports

One may store reports for the full form or sections in the survey results and/or print them for customers. Should you need to click the orange circle in the top right corner of every column area, you may conceal elements before printing.




It will grey out and break down the column results so that just the area name, form category, and inquiry answer may be seen. You may also pick the graph type directly on the printing screen for any graphs in your report.

You may either print out some surveys or download certain diagrams as JPG or pdf instead of a whole report from the survey results page. It may be particularly handy if you want a presentation or paper to contain certain results.

WPForms Survey and Poll AddOn Pricing

Pricing plans for WPForms are cheaper than their competitors. It offers four basic, plus, pro, and elite plans or packs.

1. The basic package costs $39.50 per year and includes tools for individually creating an online form.

2. The Plus package then costs $99.50 per year. It includes all the tools and other features of the basic plan that are excellent for companies.

3. Third, there is the Pro plan, which costs $99.50 a year and includes all the basic and the Plus features. It is excellent that any basic shape gets created.

4. Finally, there is the elite plan that costs $299.50 per annum. It has all the features and more of the previous packages. It suits all developers and agencies well.

WPForms Survey and Poll AddOn features

Let’s take a look at the features that make our survey addon stand out.

1. Interactive survey reports

The WPForms survey reporting produces attractive summaries and real-time information for each given question with the best visuals. Statistics may be customized, exported as JPG, PDF, or get printed for demonstrations.

2. NPS Surveys

NPS is the Net Promoter Score, which calculates customer services, brands, or products. The customers’ loyalty points may get calculated using the WPForm WordPress survey plugin to create NPS surveys in WordPress.

3. Smart survey fields

The add-on of the WPForms survey has the following fields: Likert, star ratings, multiple decisions, and many more.

4. Real-time polls

Users may generate polls and examine the results on their website in real-time.

5. Powerful Survey logic

Based on the past responses from users, the conditional logic function can customize your survey questions in the form. It is also possible to collect real-time information to make data-driven choices using strong survey logic.

6. Instant Notifications

The immediate notification function allows your team to react quickly with notifications to each concern.

7. Level of Support

WPForms provides a technical ticketing system and a request form for simple requests. There is a specialized staff to set up this for your website if you have any problems with this plugin.

WPForms Survey and Poll AddOn FAQ

Ques 1: Who has WPForms benefitted?

Ans: WPForms is excellent for corporate proprietors, bloggers, developers, photographers, and most of them all. You need to utilize WPForms if you want to develop a custom form for WordPress.

Ques 2: What’s the WPForms requirement?

Ans: WPForms is a plugin for WordPress. You must have a WordPress site to utilize WP Forms on your own.



In summary, we can see that nobody is limited in building WPForms surveys and polls. Each feature comes in one location. Therefore, better use and profit need to grasp all parts of the WPForms.

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